Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Harrington Hundred (North Shore Century Run), May 7, 2016

This was the 50th running of the event, which dates back to 1967.
It was run by H. Warren Harrington from 1967-2004, after which he handed over the reigns of the trip to me.

The trip starts off in Boxford at Crooked Pond at 4:30 am and follows a traditional route through Lynnfield,
Peabody,Lynn, Nahant then up north to West Newbury, Newburyport and Plum Island.

As you can imagine, over the years, things have changed.
Some good birding areas are now house lots or industrial complexes.
So we drive past saying this is where we used to get so and so.

As for this year's trip, the weather lowered the number of migrants and participants.
However, we persevered and ended the day with 112 species.

The best bird of the day was a Red-headed Woodpecker in Ipswich. This was a first for this trip.

Below is the list of birds seen in order and with noted times of the sighting.

Mike Emmons

Crooked Pond   Great Blue Heron                04:30 AM
Crooked Pond   Swamp Sparrow                   05:00
Crooked Pond   Black-throated Green Warbler    ----- 
Crooked Pond   American Robin                  05:10 
Crooked Pond   Barred Owl                      -----
Crooked Pond   Song Sparrow                    05:15
Crooked Pond   Red-winged Blackbird            05:18 
Crooked Pond   Black-capped Chickadee          05:20
Crooked Pond   Brown-headed Cowbird            05:20
Crooked Pond   Northern Cardinal               05:25 
Crooked Pond   Tufted Titmouse                 05:27
Crooked Pond   Wood Duck                       05:27 
Crooked Pond   Winter Wren                     ----- 
Crooked Pond   Brown Creeper                   -----   
Crooked Pond   Ovenbird                        05:30
Crooked Pond   Mourning Dove                   05:31
Crooked Pond   Pine Warbler                    05:31
Crooked Pond   Hermit Thrush                   05:37  
Crooked Pond   American Goldfinch              05:38 
Crooked Pond   Common Grackle                  05:40    
Crooked Pond   Blue-gray Gnatcatcher           -----
Crooked Pond   Tree Swallow                    -----
Crooked Pond   Palm Warbler                    05:58
Crooked Pond   White-breasted Nuthatch         06:00   
Crooked Pond   Yellow-rumped Warbler           06:00  
Crooked Pond   Pileated Woodpecker             -----
Crooked Pond   Chipping Sparrow                06:15
Crooked Pond   Blue Jay                        06:20
Crooked Pond   American Crow                   06:30 
Route 95/128   Red-tailed Hawk                 06:38
Route 95/128   European Starling               06:39
Route 95/128   Rock Pigeon                     06:41 
Lynnfield      Canada Goose                    06:49
Lynnfield      Mute Swan                       06:49
Lynnfield      Mallard                         06:50    
Lynnfield      House Finch                     06:54
Lynnfield      Northern Flicker                06:59 
Lynnfield      House Sparrow                   07:00 
Lynnfield      Downy Woodpecker                07:06  
Lynnfield      Double-crested Cormorant        07:06 
Lynnfield      Herring Gull                    07:13 
Lynnfield      Warbling Vireo                  07:21 
Lynnfield      Yellow Warbler                  07:22 
Lynnfield      Barn Swallow                    07:25   
Lynnfield      Savannah Sparrow                07:29   
Lynnfield      Spotted Sandpiper               07:30  
Lynnfield      Killdeer                        07:31 
Lynnfield      Ring-necked Duck                07:38  
Lynnfield      Northern Waterthrush            08:04
Lynnfield      Hairy Woodpecker                08:09
Lynnfield      Northern Rough-winged Swallow   08:25 
Lynnfield      Eastern Phoebe                  08:41 
Lynnfield      Carolina Wren                   08:41
Peabody        Bald Eagle                      09:00
Peabody        Red-bellied Woodpecker          09:04 
Peabody        Northern Parula                 09:05
Peabody        Black-and-white Warbler         09:07   
Peabody        Ruby-crowned Kinglet            09:10   
Peabody        Baltimore Oriole                09:11 
Peabody        Blue-headed Vireo               09:14
Peabody        Bufflehead                      09:21
Peabody        Nashville Warbler               09:25 
Peabody        Chimney Swift                   09:40 
Peabody        Ring-billed Gull                09:42
Peabody        Great Black-backed Gull         09:50  
Lynn           White-winged Scoter             10:00  
Lynn           Common Eider                    10:00
Lynn           Surf Scoter                     10:00    
Lynn           Common Loon                     10:05  
Lynn           Red-necked Grebe                10:14    
Lynn           Purple Sandpiper                10:19
Lynn           Sanderling                      10:19 
Lynn           Brant                           10:22 
Lynn           Osprey                          10:32 
Lynn           Green-winged Teal               10:35 
Lynn           Red-breasted Merganser          10:35 
Nahant         White-throated Sparrow          10:50       
Nahant         Gray Catbird                    11:00 
Nahant         Great Egret                     11:20 
Nahant         Lesser Yellowlegs               11:20
Nahant         House Wren                      11:47 
Nahant         Cooper's Hawk                   11:50 
Nahant         Eastern Towhee                  11:58
Nahant         Great Cormorant                 12:06 PM 
Nahant         Cedar Waxwing                   12:06
Nahant         American Black Duck             12:10 
Nahant         Red-throated Loon               12:15  
Nahant         Piping Plover                   12:20
Nahant         Semipalmated Sandpiper          12:21        
Lynn           Northern Mockingbird            12:33
Ipswich        Red-headed Woodpecker           13:20 
Rowley         Glossy Ibis                     13:44
Rowley         Willet                          13:46  
Rowley         Snowy Egret                     13:50 
Rowley         Greater Yellowlegs              13:54     
Rowley         Turkey Vulture                  13:59  
Newburyport    Short-billed Dowitcher          14:05           
Newburyport    Eastern Meadowlark              14:05  
Plum Island    Purple Martin                   14:07
Plum Island    Wild Turkey                     14:23 
Plum Island    Gadwall                         14:28 
Plum Island    Northern Harrier                14:34
Plum Island    Black Scoter                    15:00
Plum Island    Long-tailed Duck                15:06
Plum Island    Purple Finch                    15:40 
Plum Island    Marsh Wren                      15:50
Plum Island    Sora                            15:59
Plum Island    Virginia Rail                   16:00
Plum Island    Least Sandpiper                 16:28
Plum Island    Common Tern                     16:48  
West Newbury   Rose-breasted Grosbeak          17:25              
West Newbury   Eastern Kingbird                17:30

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