Saturday, January 18, 2020

SSBC Plum Island/Newburyport Harbor Trip 1/18/2020

A cold 8 degree start, made birding challenging, especially while looking at the ocean.
Most of the seabirds were seen at Emerson Rocks, Parking Lot 6.
Highlights include a Snowy Owl and juvenile Bald Eagle seen from the Wardens;
a Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker seen at the Hellcat Parking lot.
A second YBSA was seen by others along the road near the fenced off Goodno woods crossing.
A river otter was sliding and skating on North Pool as seen from the dike.
After the trip, a coyote was seen in the field at the corner of Scotland Road/Parker Street and Highland Road.
Below is the full, but limited list for the day.
Canada Goose              281      Plum Island 
American Black Duck       150      Plum Island 
Common Eider              445      Plum Island 
White-winged Scoter       35       Plum Island 
Black Scoter              15       Plum Island 
Long-tailed Duck          3        Plum Island 
Bufflehead                30       Plum Island 
Common Goldeneye          4        Plum Island 
Red-breasted Merganser    2        Plum Island 
Horned Grebe              5        Plum Island 
Mourning Dove             25       Plum Island 
Herring Gull              1        Plum Island 
Great Black-backed Gull   1        Plum Island 
Red-throated Loon         1        Plum Island 
Common Loon               1        Plum Island 
Northern Harrier          4        Plum Island 
Cooper's Hawk             1        Plum Island 
Bald Eagle                1        Plum Island 
Red-tailed Hawk           1        Plum Island 
Snowy Owl                 1        Plum Island 
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker  1        Plum Island 
Black-capped Chickadee    3        Plum Island 
Northern Mockingbird      1        Plum Island 
American Robin            5        Plum Island 
American Tree Sparrow     7        Plum Island 
Song Sparrow              2        Plum Island 
Northern Cardinal         2        Plum Island 

Canada Goose              450      Newburyport Harbor 
Mallard                   60       Newburyport Harbor 
American Black Duck       30       Newburyport Harbor 
Long-tailed Duck          5        Newburyport Harbor 
Bufflehead                16       Newburyport Harbor 
Common Goldeneye          11       Newburyport Harbor 
Red-breasted Merganser    3        Newburyport Harbor 
Ring-billed Gull          10       Newburyport Harbor 
Herring Gull              25       Newburyport Harbor 
Great Black-backed Gull   1        Newburyport Harbor 
Mike Emmons