Sunday, March 20, 2016

Interior South Shore Localities, March 19 2016

Fourteen birders joined Wayne Petersen on this traditional search for early spring migrants and late winter lingerers in interior Plymouth County.

We started the day at Burrage Pond WMA, hit several spots in, Pembroke, Halifax and Bridgewater, headed down to Lakeville and ended the day back at “Cumbies”.

We can report that the migrants are back; we had good numbers of Tree Swallows at Burrage Pond, watched Great Blue Herons at the Rookery on Pleasant Street and ended the day with American Woodcocks displaying at Cumbies.

Lingering migrants were also still to be found: American Wigeon, Northern Pintail, both Scaup, Goldeneye, Ruddy Duck, Bufflehead, as well as Rough legged Hawk, to name just a few.

While birding sometimes felt a bit slow and the lakes looked pretty but empty, we were as always learning more about birds and the areas we were visiting as Wayne generously shared some of his vast knowledge.

For me the highlight of the day was the arrival of the Great Horned Owl landing in a tree with the orange sky behind (“like clockwork orange” to quote Wayne) while we were watching the Woodcocks. Unfortunately it flew before Steven could get that photo, so here is a shot of the owl flying, with just a hint of the orange sky remaining.

Great Horned Owl Photo by Steven Whitebread

We racked up a substantial list of 63 species by the end of this wonderful day. Not bad for fairly leisurely birding!

Below is an extract from ebird with the birds and locations. E-bird lists have been shared to all participants, our thanks to Vin Zollo for keeping the list.

Many thanks to Wayne for leading this excellent trip

Christine Whitebread
Canada Goose Cumberland Farms
Mute Swan Burrage Pond WMA, Hanson
Wood Duck Cumberland Farms
American Wigeon Burrage Pond WMA, Hanson
American Black Duck Burrage Pond WMA, Hanson
Mallard Burrage Pond WMA, Hanson
Northern Pintail Burrage Pond WMA, Hanson
Green-winged Teal Burrage Pond WMA, Hanson
Ring-necked Duck Burrage Pond WMA, Hanson
Greater Scaup Assawompsett Ponds complex
Lesser Scaup Oldham Pond, Pembroke
Bufflehead Burrage Pond WMA, Hanson
Common Goldeneye Assawompsett Ponds complex
Hooded Merganser Assawompsett Ponds complex
Common Merganser Great Sandy Bottom Pond, Pembroke
Ruddy Duck Oldham Pond, Pembroke
Horned Grebe Assawompsett Ponds complex
Double-crested Cormorant Assawompsett Ponds complex
Great Cormorant Oldham Pond, Pembroke
Great Blue Heron Cumberland Farms
Turkey Vulture Great Sandy Bottom Pond, Pembroke
Northern Harrier Cumberland Farms
Cooper's Hawk Oldham Pond, Pembroke
Bald Eagle Burrage Pond WMA, Hanson
Red-shouldered Hawk Hanson
Red-tailed Hawk Great Sandy Bottom Pond, Pembroke
Rough-legged Hawk Cumberland Farms
Killdeer Cumberland Farms
Wilson's Snipe Cumberland Farms
American Woodcock Cumberland Farms
Ring-billed Gull Shaw's Plaza, Hanson 
Herring Gull Assawompsett Ponds complex
Great Black-backed Gull US-MA-Hanson-270 Main St - 42.0440x-70.8520
Mourning Dove Burrage Pond WMA, Hanson
Eastern Screech-Owl Cumberland Farms
Great Horned Owl Cumberland Farms
Downy Woodpecker Pleasant Street
Hairy Woodpecker Circuit Bogs
American Kestrel Elm Street
Blue Jay Great Sandy Bottom Pond, Pembroke
American Crow Cumberland Farms
Horned Lark Cumberland Farms
Tree Swallow Burrage Pond WMA, Hanson
Black-capped Chickadee Assawompsett Ponds complex
Tufted Titmouse Pleasant Street
White-breasted Nuthatch US-MA-West Bridgewater-84-258 Pleasant St
Golden-crowned Kinglet Burrage Pond WMA, Hanson
Eastern Bluebird Cumberland Farms
American Robin Burrage Pond WMA, Hanson
Northern Mockingbird Burrage Pond WMA, Hanson
European Starling Cumberland Farms
American Tree Sparrow Burrage Pond WMA, Hanson
Dark-eyed Junco ocean Spray Headquarters
White-throated Sparrow Cumberland Farms
Savannah Sparrow Burrage Pond WMA, Hanson
Song Sparrow Burrage Pond WMA, Hanson
Northern Cardinal Burrage Pond WMA, Hanson
Red-winged Blackbird Burrage Pond WMA, Hanson
Common Grackle Burrage Pond WMA, Hanson
Brown-headed Cowbird Cumberland Farms
American Goldfinch Cumberland Farms
House Sparrow Shaw's Plaza, Hanson