Thursday, May 28, 2015

Wompatuck State Park, May 28, 2015

On a warm morning, nine birders set off to explore the loop beyond Picture Pond toward the Aaron River Reservoir with high hopes for finding an Acadian Flycatcher. We returned along the power line where the possiblity of an Indigo Bunting or Prairie Warbler loomed large in the shrubby habitat.  Unfortunately none of those expectations were met but other nice species were noted and enjoyed.  The most interesting critter of the day hitchhiked along on my pantlegs for about 15 minutes and which I later identified as a Nessus Sphinx Moth.  Warbler activity was decidedly reduced along that route.
Sally Avery
Wompatuck State Park, Plymouth, Massachusetts, US
May 28, 2015 6:25 AM - 9:25 AM
Protocol: Traveling
2.0 mile(s)

38 species

Canada Goose  6     2 adults and 4 goslings
Mallard  2
Mourning Dove  1
Yellow-billed Cuckoo  1     audio only
Chimney Swift  1
Red-bellied Woodpecker  1
Eastern Wood-Pewee  2
Eastern Phoebe  1
Great Crested Flycatcher  8
Eastern Kingbird  2
Red-eyed Vireo  8
Black-capped Chickadee  3
Tufted Titmouse  3
White-breasted Nuthatch  2
Brown Creeper  1     audio only
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher  3
Veery  5
Wood Thrush  1
American Robin  1
Gray Catbird  5
Cedar Waxwing  4
Ovenbird  14
Worm-eating Warbler  1     audio only
Blue-winged Warbler  1
Black-and-white Warbler  2
American Redstart  1
Yellow Warbler  5
Pine Warbler  1
Black-throated Green Warbler  2
Chipping Sparrow  4
Song Sparrow  2
Scarlet Tanager  3
Northern Cardinal  2
Red-winged Blackbird  1
Common Grackle  2
Brown-headed Cowbird  1
Baltimore Oriole  1
House Finch  1

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