Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary at Sunset Saturday August 30 2014

Last Saturday we held our second Sunset walks which was co-sponsored with Mass Audubon South Shore Sanctuaries.

Our group consisted of two very interested children and 11 adults. Some participants were also members of the SSBC and some were not birders at all. We had a very slow walk all the way out to Fox Hill, stopping to look at caterpillars and some day flying moths, identifying flowers, checking out a Green Heron from the blind, admiring the board walk and learning about the Purple Martins and other aerial insectivores.

Group posing at Fox Hill – looking into the setting sun

Marshfield: Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary, Plymouth, US-MA
Aug 30, 2014 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Protocol: Traveling
1.1 kilometer(s)
Comments:     South Shore Bird Club Trip. Sunny 73F
19 species

Canada Goose  28
Wild Turkey  5
Osprey  1
Mourning Dove  13
Northern Flicker  1
Blue Jay  2
American Crow  2
Tree Swallow  50     many flying really high.
Tufted Titmouse  5
White-breasted Nuthatch  1
American Robin  3
Northern Mockingbird  2
European Starling  50     Juvenile, in two separate flock,.
Cedar Waxwing  3
Song Sparrow  1
Northern Cardinal  3
Common Grackle  2
House Finch  1
House Sparrow  6

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After 7 pm Steven set out his equipment for Mothing and worked at it until 4 am! This list would be too long to be published here though!

Christine and Steven Whitebread

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