Sunday, July 14, 2013

Whale and Seabird Watch - 7/13/2013

A combined South Shore Bird Club and Brookline Bird Club group went out on the 9 a.m. Captain John and Sons whale watching boat out of Plymouth. This trip typically has a good variety of pelagic birds and a good showing of whales. This year's trip, not so much. Not even a shorebird on Plymouth beach, coming or going.

In talking with the naturalist on board, birds have been absent on most trips. Not only were birds absent, whales were a little hard to find as we had to go to the outer side of Race Point in Provincetwon.

Only two whales were spotted on this trip. One Minke and one Finback.

As for birds, only TWO Shearwaters were seen, one Great and one long distant Manx. Storm-petrel numbers were also way down. This was slowest trip in some time. Thanks to all who participated.

Here is an initial summary of birds seen. Glenn d'Entremont may have some updated numbers.

Mallard 6
Great Shearwater 1
Manx Shearwater 1
Wilson's Storm-Petrel 65
Northern Gannet 14
Double-crested Cormorant 12
Great Blue Heron 1
Osprey 1
Short-billed Dowitcher 36
Laughing Gull 33
Ring-billed Gull X
Herring Gull X
Great Black-backed Gull 15
Least Tern 3
Common Tern 13
Razorbill 1
Rock Pigeon 45
Tree Swallow 4
Bank Swallow 5
Song Sparrow 1
House Sparrow 3

Mike Emmons

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