Saturday, May 11, 2013

North Shore Century Run - 05/04/2013

The first Saturday in May is the club's annual North Shore Century Run.
An attempt to see or hear 100 or more species in a day.

This trip dates back to at least 1967, when Warren Harrington began leading this trip.
Twenty years later, I started to attend this trip, a year after getting bitten by the birding bug.
It was my favorite trip, then and still is today!

A small band of birders would meet in Marshfield, climb into Warren's van and head north.
It was a day of many stories, traditions, great laughs and good birding.

Starting in 2005, I began leading the trip. I have continued the follow the same route with a couple extras stops along the way.

As one might suspect, the timing of this trip is not prime time May. However, it can deliver an interesting assortment of winter hold overs and early spring migrants, along with a mix of weather from cold to heat.

Other times, you are kind of stuck in the middle. As was the case this year. A lot of the wintering ducks and other typical winter species had moved out, and the spring migrants had yet to show up in force.

As such, and despite best efforts, we only manged 94 species for the trip. Looking back at old records, this happens every 12 -15 years or so.

Although the band of birders have gone their separate ways, I hope those who attend this trip still find it enjoyable and challenging.

Early morning Crooked Pond

Below is a list of the species seen or heard for this year.

American Robin Crooked Pond
Tree Swallow Crooked Pond
Song Sparrow Crooked Pond
Swamp Sparrow Crooked Pond
Northern Cardinal Crooked Pond
Mallard Crooked Pond
Pine Warbler Crooked Pond
Wood Thrush Crooked Pond
Canada Goose Crooked Pond
Black-capped Chickadee Crooked Pond
Winter Wren Crooked Pond
Ovenbird Crooked Pond
Chipping Sparrow Crooked Pond
Mourning Dove Crooked Pond
Downy Woodpecker Crooked Pond
Tufted Titmouse Crooked Pond
Brown-headed Cowbird Crooked Pond
Double-crested Cormorant Crooked Pond
American Goldfinch Crooked Pond
Red-winged Blackbird Crooked Pond
White-breasted Nuthatch Crooked Pond
Brown Creeper Crooked Pond
Great Blue Heron Crooked Pond
Northern Flicker Crooked Pond
Pileated Woodpecker Crooked Pond
Red-bellied Woodpecker Crooked Pond
Hooded Merganser Crooked Pond
Wood Duck Crooked Pond
Common Grackle Crooked Pond
Broad-winged Hawk Crooked Pond
Eastern Phoebe Crooked Pond
Eastern Bluebird Crooked Pond
American Crow Crooked Pond
Black-throated Green Warbler Crooked Pond
Ruby-crowned Kinglet Crooked Pond
Blue-headed Vireo Crooked Pond
Blue Jay Lynnfield Marsh
Mute Swan Lynnfield Marsh
Herring Gull Lynnfield Marsh
Laughing Gull Lynnfield Marsh
Osprey Lynnfield Marsh
Northern Rough-winged Swallow Lynnfield Marsh
Barn Swallow Lynnfield Marsh
House Sparrow Lynnfield Marsh
Killdeer Lynnfield Marsh
Yellow Warbler Lynnfield Marsh
Warbling Vireo Lynnfield Marsh
Sharp-shinned Hawk Lynnfield Marsh
Virginia Rail Lynnfield Marsh
European Starling Lynnfield Marsh
Carolina Wren Lynnfield Marsh
Rock Pigeon Route 95 South
Eastern Kingbird Peabody
Orchard Oriole Peabody
Chimney Swift Peabody
Red-tailed Hawk Peabody
Ring-billed Gull Peabody
Northern Mockingbird Peabody
American Black Duck Peabody
Brown Thrasher Peabody
Purple Sandpiper Lynn
Common Eider Lynn
White-winged Scoter Lynn
Black Scoter Lynn
Great Black-backed Gull Lynn
Common Loon Lynn
Red-breasted Merganser Lynn
Eastern Towhee Lynn
Yellow-rumped Warbler Lynn
House Wren Lynn
Brant Lynn
Great Cormorant Lynn
Bonaparte's Gull Lynn
Greater Yellowlegs Lynn
Turkey Vulture Route 95 North
Great Egret Plum Island
Merlin Plum Island
Willet Plum Island
Gadwall Plum Island
Green-winged Teal Plum Island
Snowy Egret Plum Island
Marsh Wren Plum Island
Purple Finch Plum Island
Red-necked Grebe Plum Island
Long-tailed Duck Plum Island
Red-throated Loon Plum Island
Northern Gannet Plum Island
Dunlin Plum Island
Bufflehead Plum Island
Ruddy Duck Plum Island
Wild Turkey Newbury
Bobolink Newbury
Barred Owl Newbury
Baltimore Oriole Wilmington

Mike Emmons

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