Sunday, November 4, 2012

Plum Island & vicinity - 11/03/2012

On Saturday, November 3rd, two members and myself participated in the Plum Island & vicinity trip.
Temps were in the range of 45-50 with on and off wind 5-15 mph.

We had hope to view some of the recently reported rarities from the recently departed Hurricane Sandy, but none were seen or reported. At least in these parts.

However, the winter finches, specifically White-Winged Crossbills and to a lesser extent Pine Siskins were still present. The crossbills were present on Plum Island and at Salisbury. Both flocks were highly active, constantly on the wing.

White-winged Crossbill Flock

Here are a couple of closeups of individuals at Salisbury.

White-winged Crossbill

White-winged Crossbill

Other birds of note on the trip include an Eurasian Wigeon shown below (the right most bird) and an American Golden-Plover both found on Plum Island.

At Salisbury, we had close up looks at other unidentified flying objects


At Cherry Hill Reservoir, the duck show was well underway with large numbers of Ruddy and Ring-necked ducks.

Below is a summary list of birds seen on the trip.

Canada GoosePlum Island13
Canada GooseCherry Hill Res.69
Mute SwanPlum Island8
GadwallPlum Island12
Eurasian WigeonPlum Island1
American WigeonPlum Island14
American Black DuckPlum Island157
MallardPlum Island10
Northern PintailPlum Island225
Green-winged TealPlum Island250
Ring-necked DuckCherry Hill Res.205
Common EiderPlum Island10
Common EiderSalisbury50
Surf ScoterPlum Island8
White-winged ScoterPlum Island10
Black ScoterPlum Island1000
Long-tailed DuckPlum Island3
BuffleheadPlum Island3
BuffleheadCherry Hill Res.1
Hooded MerganserPlum Island6
Ruddy DuckCherry Hill Res.195
Red-throated LoonPlum Island3
Common LoonPlum Island8
Pied-billed GrebeCherry Hill Res.1
Horned GrebePlum Island1
Northern GannetPlum Island2
Double-crested CormorantPlum Island15
Great Blue HeronCherry Hill Res.1
Great EgretPlum Island3
Turkey VulturePlum Island1
Northern HarrierPlum Island3
Red-tailed HawkPlum Island2
American CootPlum Island2
American CootCherry Hill Res.4
Black-bellied PloverPlum Island14
American Golden-PloverPlum Island1
Greater YellowlegsPlum Island7
SanderlingPlum Island75
DunlinPlum Island10
Bonaparte's GullPlum Island1
Ring-billed GullPlum Island, Salisbury X
Herring GullPlum Island, SalisburyX
Great Black-backed GullPlum Island, SalisburyX
Downy WoodpeckerPlum Island1
Blue JayPlum Island1
American CrowPlum Island4
Black-capped ChickadeePlum Island3
Red-breasted NuthatchPlum Island6
Red-breasted NuthatchSalisbury6
Northern MockingbirdPlum Island2
Northern MockingbirdCherry Hill Res.1
Song SparrowPlum Island2
Dark-eyed JuncoPlum Island2
Northern CardinalPlum Island2
Red-winged BlackbirdPlum Island5
White-winged CrossbillPlum Island20
White-winged CrossbillSalisbury40
Pine SiskinPlum Island2
American GoldfinchSalisbury1

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