Thursday, June 7, 2012

Freetown State Forest, May 19. 2012

Sixteen members of the BBC and SSBCs joined me for a morning walk at Freetown State Forest in Freetown and Fall River.  We found our target birds -- worm-eating warblers (2) and hooded warblers (3).  A brief side trip to Blossom Rd, FR in the Watuppa watershed added 2 Acadian flycatchers. The unimproved condition of some roads aborted the planned route.

52 Species total

Canada goose 3
Common loon (flyover)
Turkey vulture 1
Sharp-shinned hawk 1
Red-shouldered hawk 1
Broad-winged hawk 1
Mourning Dove
Hairy Woodpecker
Eastern wood-pewee 2
Acadian flycatcher 2
Eastern phoebe 2
Great-crested flycatcher 2
Red-eyed vireo
Blue jay
No. rough-winged swallow
Barn swallow 3
Black-capped chickadee 2
Tufted titmouse
White-breasted nuthatch
Brown creeper
Carolina wren
House wren
Blue-gray gnatcatcher
Veery 3
Hermit thrush
American robin 4
Gray catbird 3
Brown thrasher 2
Cedar waxwing 4
Yellow warbler
Magnolia warbler 2
Black-throated Green warbler
Prairie warbler 5
Black-and-white warbler 3
American redstart
Worm-eating warbler 2
Ovenbird 5
Northern waterthrush 4
Common yellowthroat
Hooded warbler 3
Scarlet tanager 2
Eastern towhee 5
Chipping sparrow 5
Field sparrow
Song sparrow
Northern cardinal
Indigo bunting
Common grackle
Brown-headed cowbird 5
Baltimore oriole 1
Purple finch 1
American goldfinch

Lynn Abbey

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